Banking and Mail

Bank Accounts
We can assist with an application to open a bank account with one of the commercial banks in Vanuatu: ANZ Bank (Vanuatu) Limited, Bred (Vanuatu) Limited, National Bank of Vanuatu, Pacific Private Bank, or BSP (Bank South Pacific (Vanuatu) Limited). However ANZ, Bred and BSP will not deal with international clients.
International clients
Accounts can be opened in major currencies eg, AUD, USD, EURO, GBP and there are no exchange controls.
The type of account that can be opened by international clients is an 'at call' type account ie, funds earn nominal interest, a minimum balance is applicable and funds can be withdrawn without prior notice. The preferred method of transferring funds is by telegraphic transfer.
To attain a higher rate of interest funds can be placed on term deposit. Note:  The banks do not offer current accounts or merchant credit card facilities to companies / businesses, not operating in or without a physical presence in Vanuatu.
There are a series of bank account application forms that require completion. The bank requires the original signed documents to process an account application along with various due diligence documentation. We can assist with this process - contact us for more details.

Also see the links below for information about Offshore Companies and Offshore Packages that include assistance with bank account applications.
Use of Mail Box, Collection and Forwarding
We provide a mail collection and forwarding service, where mail can be addressed to a PO Box in Vanuatu and then held, opened and emailed (scanned attachment), faxed or forwarded on (in a plain envelope) by mail or courier, according to client instructions - contact us for more details.

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