ATH Takeover Official

Compiled by Glenda Willie

Yesterday marked a milestone for telecommunications in Vanuatu when Amalgamated Telecom Holdings Limited (ATH) officially took over Telecom Vanuatu Limited (TVL).

The ATH Group Of Companies comprises of ATH, Telecom Fiji Limited, Vodafone Fiji Limited, FINTEL, Fiji Directories Limited, ATH Kiribati Limited and Datec (Fiji) Limited and its subsidiary, Datec Australia Pty Limited.

The Fiji National Provident Fund is ATH's largest shareholder

Outgoing Chief Financial Officer from Mauritius Telecom, Mr. Rai Basgeet announced to the local media yesterday afternoon that the signature of the deed of Share and Purchase Agreement (SPA) on January 30, 2017 has completed proceedings regarding the sale of 100% share capital of the leading communications operator in Vanuatu, Telecom Vanuatu Limited (TVL) by MT International Ventures PCC (MTIC), an investment vehicle wholly owned by Mauritius Telecom, to Amalgamated Telecom Holdings Limited.

Basgeet highlighted in his speech that they are convinced ATH will bring TVL to new heights.

In his remarks, the new CEO of TVL, Mr. Divik Deo declared that the acquisition of Telecom Vanuatu Limited by Amalgamated Telecom Holdings Limited marks a new chapter for the future of telecommunications in Vanuatu.

“Our key focus will be to bring about improvements in telecommunications services and provide innovative and affordable services to the Government, the business community and, people of Vanuatu.

“We intend to improve connectivity which will pave the way for sustainable development by bridging the rural-urban and outer island telecommunications gaps.

Telecom Vanuatu Limited brand remains

“And by doing so we will be aligning ourselves to the economy goals and policy objectives of the Vanuatu 2030- The People’s Plan- to increase use of and access to information and communications technologies, including on-line government services.”

Mr. Deo added that it is also their intention to build the capacity of ni-Vanuatu people through training, knowledge and know-how transfer, upskilling and development.

“The idea is to transfer technical know - how, operations knowledge and expertise to our people so that we empower them.”

ATH says it is pleased to offer its expertise and know-how in telecommunication to create a more vibrant, competitive and robust mobile communications network across the region, according to Deo.

The new TVL CEO also confrmed that the TVL Brand will remain unchanged, concluding that “we are convinced that the TVL brand is a national brand and a national identity, thus, that is not going to change”.

In 2011, Mauritius Telecom purchased the shares in TVL in two steps- frst in October 2011 through the purchase of 50% share from CWC and second in July 2013 through the purchase of remaining 50% of share from FRC, now Orange.

Over the past five years, Mauritius Telecom through its investment vehicle MTIV PCC, there has been very positive changes towards the services of TVL such as Mobile, Broadband, Innovation, Services to communities, financial and employer of choice which saw TVL employing 158 staff, out of which only nine are expatriates.

The outgoing Chief Financial Offcer took the opportunity to thank the management and staff of TVL for their undue support over the past five years.

Words of appreciation were also extended to their advisors, Law Partners, Geoff Gee and Grant Thorton.

Mr. Deo, on the other hand also expressed words of acknowledgement to Mauritius Telecom for their huge effort in laying the foundation for telecommunications services in Vanuatu and also to the Government and regulatory bodies for their assistance in completion of this transaction between ATH and Mauritius Telecom.


Dear Jon and the team at Law Partners,

Following a successful outreach program in Tanna I want to thank you on behalf of The Vanuatu Surfing Association. Your support enabled us to run a comprehensive community surf program that encompassed topics such as environmental awareness, high performance surf coaching and ocean safety.
Please find attached a report outlining our impact in Tanna and an article from the Daily Post.
If you require any imagery, video or interviews to use as promotional material or would like us to assist you in any way please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Warm regards,
Stephanie Mahuk
The Vanuatu Surfing Association


Annual Wik Blong Vanuatu in New Caledonia

Each year Law Partners takes part in this showcase of Vanuatu, held in Noumea every November.



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Calling all accountants: Law Partners are now an accredited training organisation

Law Partners is opening the door of opportunity for Ni-Vanuatu to become qualified accountants, right here in Port Vila.
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Vanuatu's longest established internationally connected financial services firm, whose core business is auditing and accounting has always recognised the value of ongoing training and professional development for staff and is enhancing this focus, under the guidance of Senior Partner Jonathan Law.
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Mr. Law has received Registered Mentor Status with the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants.
His role as mentor is to assist staff studying towards their professional qualifications to work more effectively, with greater competence and to enhance the practical experience component of their studies.

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